Friday, March 23, 2012

style: headpiece trend alert

We are getting ready for Coachella and so excited for all of fun 70's inspired trends that frequent music festivals! This spring, we are love accessorizing outfits with headbands and headpieces that evoke a sense of Woodstock nostalgia. There are so many headpiece options out there right now that can be worn both day and night. Whether your sporting a metal headpiece or a bright fabric headband, this look is adorable and will give any outfit an extra pop!

{Headband: Forever 21 Top: Zara Jeans: J Brand}

{Even Bill Cosby rocks a headband!}

{Nicole Richie rocks a beautiful head piece on Fashion Star!}

{The original headpiece trend-setter: The Empress from The NeverEnding Story}

There are a lot of ways to take your look to the next level with these accessories.

xo, Brittan & April


  1. Love these headgears...very common in India :)

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  2. So beautiful! :)

    - Victoria

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  4. LOVE the Empress from Neverending Story! I always wanted to wear a headpiece like hers, but am pretty sure I couldn't pull it off. Also, glad to see I made a cameo in some of these Melrose Trading Post pics haha :) Such a fun day. Love you girls!

    ~ Nicolle


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