Thursday, March 15, 2012

tech talk: there’s an app for that

I am forcing April to ditch her Blackberry and get an iPhone, I’m just so obsessed with all of the apps I can’t imagine not having one (A lot of these apps are on other devices too but I’m still biased)! In an effort to welcome April to the wonderful world of iPhones, I’ve created a list of my favorite apps and how they make my life a little easier! BTW what did we do without cell phones?? Can’t imagine that…

1. Instagram - By far my favorite! You can edit images with some cool effects and keep up on what your friends are doing with their coolest photos. Favorites to follow are @Refinery29, @secrets4friends, and @twofashioncinemaclub. Follow us @evokela!!

2. Urban Spoon - If you’re like me you always have new restaurants you want to try, but then in the moment of picking one you have trouble deciding! This app lets you specify restaurant type, location, and price or a combination of two or all three. It has led me to some amazing places I wouldn’t have found otherwise.

3. DoodleJump - is one of my favorites on a plane or waiting to meet someone. It is an addicting game of a bug jumping and getting points. I’m obsessed.

4. - Is one of my favorite sales shopping sites and is great for home stuff. I got my Karma Living Pillows there, which I love. The app tells you when the sales start so you never miss out if you like something since they sell out frequently!

5. Shazam - This one I know got a lot of buzz when it first came out, but I absolutely love it. It allows you to find the artist of a song that is currently playing. I always hear songs in workout classes, on TV, on the radio and in films that I love and I can find who they are quickly and download them into my iTunes!

I also love how you can screen shot like I did the photos above by pressing down on the top right power button and the enter button!

What are your favorite apps? 

xo, Brittan

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