Tuesday, April 3, 2012

beauty: sexy, messy, kind of dirty hair

Do you wash your hair daily?! You may think you HAVE to in order for it to look decent but I disagree! In fact, I think second day dirty hair is hotter than freshly washed tresses. Here's why!

Importance of not washing everyday:
Washing your hair less frequently, allows natural oils to build up that your hair needs to grow longer, stronger and softer. Shampoos and conditioners can dry out your locks, fade color-treated hair and the extra blow drying and brushing causes breakage and damage. I wash my hair every other day, but some of you girls can go every two days!

Keepin’ it fresh:
For girls with fine hair (me!!), the second day can look scary at times. Baby powder works great on “blondes” and it takes the edge off of incoming roots, but for brunettes you risk leaving evidence of powder. To keep your hair looking fresh on day two, you can use baby powder in your hair before bed at night – this will absorb any excess oils and prevent your hair from looking “powdered” in the morning.

My amazing hairstylist, Sherri Belanger, recently got me hooked on Klorane dry shampoo, it was voted 2011 Best of Beauty by Allure. At just $20 a bottle it is well worth the investment and what’s even better, it does not leave behind a scent! (Sherri has an amazing hair blog - you should check it out for the latest on hair trends!) 

Second day hairstyles:
On wash days I feel guilty if I put my hair up or do anything fun with it after I just spent my time blow drying and curling it. That’s why I love non-wash days so much, you can experiment with different hairstyles and embrace sexy, messy, kind of dirty hair!

Here are some of my favorite second (or third!) day hairstyles: 

Blake Lively is my go-to on sexy, messy hair, that girl knows how to rock the look and pulls off some amazingly messy styles. 

What's your favorite second day hairstyle?

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xo, April 

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  1. Since not washing my hair everyday, my hair is less weighed down or greasy. It's healthier and feels better- even days not washed.

    My favorite second day hair styles are my beloved, and easy, Pomp- although I've been experimenting with messy braids and side ponies.



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