Thursday, April 5, 2012

dating: love in the city - part 1

Dating in LA is honestly one of the most terrifying ventures one can undertake in this city of struggling artists and odd characters. With that said, we are so lucky to have our good friend Sarah guest blogging for us with her dating series, Love in the City. Sarah works in public relations and also does guest writing for the Los Angeles Times! We have had so much fun hearing about her crazy stories as she takes on the world of online dating. Enjoy!

xo, April & Brittan 

{Brittan & Sarah}

Day 1

I’m twenty-four years old and I consider myself something of a catch – I come from a good family, I have a college degree, I wear sample sized clothes and my face wont make you want to look the other way.  I’m even gainfully employed, athletic and a lot of fun, if I may be so bold, and yet I’m venturing into the world of online dating.

Serious relationships are nothing new, dating isn’t really either, but I don’t have the wear with all to jump back on the “scene” and go meet a bunch of amazing and datable guys.  My most recent excuse for a love life is one that most of us are familiar with - that painfully pathetic one you hold on to for no good reason, a thorn in your side really.  You’re kind of with a guy, one you know you never actually want to be with, but who provides a less-than-adequate stand in while you search (read: wish you knew how to search) for that new flame. 

Poised to move forward, but with little to no momentum (A full time job and close friends occupies the majority of my free time) several of my equally intelligent and outgoing friends encouraged me to try online dating. 

I’ll leave them out of this, but they are the voice of experience encouragement (My bestie tried it once for a month… a month ago, and met a great guy!)  and like a lemming off a cliff, here I am.  I’m following in the footsteps of girls I snickered about less than a year ago.  What capable twenty something lady would willingly enter this online cesspool of insecure and socially incompetent nerds and insecure men looking to get their d*ck wet.  “Gross” and “How sad” was the general sentiment among friends only 9 months ago.

I’m sitting in my room candles lit and SNL playing on the TV, a credit card, a bottle of champagne and my roommate beside me on the bed.  No, I’m not seducing anyone, I am setting up this time consuming and totally bewildering profile nonsense.

“Answer in a way that you would want to date yourself,” she laughs. “And put cooking as a hobby. Men love a woman who can cook”. Since when am I a woman or a cook? I’m excellent at eggs and macaroni and cheese, but I still go everywhere barefoot. 

“I believe in true love, but I also believe you get what you give…” I began. 

$45.00 later I’m ready to get started on a priceless, month long social experiment and personal growth project. 

Frankly, I’m totally mortified as I read through tips and tricks that talk about “virtual winking” and “digital dry spells” What am I getting myself into here? 

For the next month I can promise you a completely forthcoming account of this online dating jungle of nonsense. You’ll get the ups and downs, and god-knows I’ll share the juicy and inevitably embarrassing, missteps.  I’ll look to the girls for help with date-night fashion and beauty tricks juuust in case Mr. Right arrives at my door.

Hopefully, when this is over, the stories along the way will be worth this inevitably likely absurd jaunt through the world of cyber dating. 

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