Wednesday, April 4, 2012

fashion: festival fever

Hippies at heart, we are ramping up for Coachella and other summer concerts/festivals and couldn't be more excited for the festivities to begin! We are feeling the 'free love' vibe and as we are mapping out our wardrobes we naturally are in the mood for Summer Time to get here already. In the spirit, I thought I would share some of our TOP 4 festival fashion pieces and trends we will be rocking this season in the shoe, accessory, and apparel categories!

Festival Season

{1. Threadsence Ankle Strap Sandals, $38 2. Zara Wedges, $90 3. Threadsence Stacked Heel, $69  4. Modcloth Wood Wedge in Coral, $70}


 "Shoe Philosophy" The best bet is to stick with wedges, boots, and strap sandals for festivals. You definitely don't want to be the girl (or guy) in high heels running around. I personally don't love to be in flats so if you want to keep your hot height, wedges are the next best thing!

Festival Season

{1. Cult Gaia Royal Blue Velvet Crown, $95 2. Tobi Joia Metallica Sunglasses, $8 3. Threadsence Helping Hamsa Hand, $18 & High Dignity Wrap Bracelet, $22 4. Threadsence Santa Fe Bag, $84}


"Accessory Philosophy" Absolutely love headpieces, headbands, and hats for festivals to complete your look. Colored shades are definitely a hit this year and we love the fun vibe they give - for colored shades pick up a cheap pair and then you won't be upset if you loose them and you can keep your expensive shades home! Jewelry is a must and fun bangles and wrap bracelets are so much fun to stack!

Festival Season

{1. TopShop Embroidered Crop, $70 & Sequined Knicker Shorts, $80 2. Free People Goldrush Slip, $328 3. Flying Tomato Mesh Cami, $41 & Embroidered Floral Top, $36 4. Tobi Lip Stained Tank, $15 & Color Block Shirt $18}

"Apparel Philosophy" Obsessed with the colored and floral shorts, cropped tops and bralets, and a mix of boho and chic. It will be burning hot outside at Coachella and other festivals so the least amount of clothes while still keeping it classy is the goal!

Added Bonus: We love this Free People Festival Paint!! Check out their video on amazing ways to apply!

Last but not least here is a Someecard that made us LOL. 

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xo, Brittan

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