Friday, April 27, 2012

love: friday guy day

We believe in having a list of your dreams and goals and exactly what you want in life whether it be for your career, home, hobby, relationships, etc. Today for Friday Guy Day we are putting together our dream guy list and behaviors we think most women want in the guy they make their #1.

Things that make girls smile:

  1. Chivalry - We like to think chivalry is not dead, opening doors, pulling out our chair, all of that stuff. Come on, make us believe in it again, it’s not that hard!
  1. Surprises - sending flowers or cupcakes is always amazing. Whether it’s a flower you picked from the yard or something you saw us obsessing over at the mall, we LOVE surprises! Any surprises make us excited and excitement is key in making things last!
  1. Finding little love notes or getting random “thinking of you” texts.

  1. When a guy CALLS you to ask you out instead of texting you. Wait and send the text when the date is over and you want to tell us what an AWESOME time you had! 
  1. Compliments – this should go without saying, but it’s being said anyways! Noticing the little things make us feel like you are putting in that extra effort that goes a long way
  1. Listening to us and being understanding – even if we are being “passionate” about something “silly.”
  1. When you do things with us we know you don’t want to do, aka: going to the farmers market or giving your opinion when we try on clothes. Your patients will be rewarded later.

Extra Little Bonus Tips:

THINGS TO NOT DO - the stuff girls think but may not say out loud. Call us emotional or sensitive but it’s in our DNA.

  1. When a guy calls/texts you repeatedly after we haven’t called you back the first time – take a hint! Maybe were just busy – but you calling too many times is a turn off. We are independent and clingy is not attractive!
  1. When a guy doesn’t offer to pay – old-fashioned yes, but you should be a gentlemen at least on the first date!
  1. Trying to hide having a girlfriend, not posting pictures on Facebook, and that shady type of behavior is so 1990's. We want our men to be proud, loyal, honest, and feel lucky to be with us or we would rather find someone that does!
  1. When you bash our friends – guys come and go, but girlfriends are forever!
  1. When you are impatient or short with us: Grumpy is so old man and so not hot!

  1. Cheesy pickup lines – these NEVER work, so don’t do it! 
  1. Lying. About anything. 
Girls do you agree?! Guys - are we asking for too much?!  Haha, try it out - trust us! 

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xo, Brittan & April 


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