Monday, April 30, 2012

monday blues: almost summer time and the livin's easy

This weekend in LA felt like summer! It is so hot and beautiful out so it kicks up the serotonin levels and makes the vibe a lot lighter and fun! April was in Chico this weekend visiting her sister and Brittan hung out in LA relaxing and trying new restaurants!

Here are some things to make you smile on this beautiful Monday!

{Iris stole Brittan's underwear and got her leg stuck in a little trap! CAUGHT RED HANDED! }

{Love this quote. So true and really believe in this concept.}

{Beautiful lily with dew found on a morning walk this week}
{Carpet stain April found in the A-phi sorority house from our old bedroom that is still there from when we lived there and spilt glue on the floor 7 years ago, disgusting! Haha!}

{Most amazing dessert at Playa on Beverly! SO GOOD!!}
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Have a wonderful week full of good intentions and strength!

xo, Brittan & April


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