Friday, May 11, 2012

love: diy mother's day card

Ever since I was little, my Mom's only response when asked what she wanted for Mother's day has been, "a homemade card and a clean house." My two little sisters and I were always happy to deliver on the homemade cards...we'd try and clean the house too ;) I still make my Mom cards whenever I can - it seems much more authentic and from the heart.

Here is some DIY card inspiration - I'm sure your Mom's would love it if you whipped out the construction paper and glue stick and gave her a card made with love.
{I used a board edger punch from Michael's}

{Cut out letters on scrapbook paper}

{I like to line the inside too}

{Glued on a pretty bow to "tie" it all together}

When it comes to the message inside, you can write something short and sweet from the heart, use famous quotes (some great ones here), or you can do my personal fav and write a poem! I posted my poem to my Mom below.

Since the day I was born, you’ve been by my side,
Loving me and watching me grow up with pride.

You’ve taught me so much as the years have gone by,
How to tie my shoes and not to tell lies.

But I’ve learned much more than those basic things,
Like how to love and the joy that it brings.

I’ve learned that my mother will always be there,
To give advice, support me and show me you care.

My biggest hope for myself as life carries on,
Is that one day I’ll be just like you Mom.

I hope that my children love me the way I love you,
That they admire and respect me the way that I do.

Thanks isn’t enough for all that you give,
So I’ll try to be like you for as long as I live. 

Happy Mother's Day! xo, April 

I love these cards Emily Schuman of Cupcakes & Cashmere made and these watercolor valentines would be a great idea as well!

xo, April

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