Wednesday, May 2, 2012

love: mother's day gift guide

Mother's Day is Sunday May 13th and coming up faster than we can say, uh.....GIFT! To lessen your "OMG it's already almost Mother's Day Stress," I put together a few ideas to help you figure out what to get the Mother who you OWE YOUR LIFE TO! Don't forget about sending cards or gifts to Grandma's, Aunt's, sister's and friends who are mother's too! See below to help give you some ideas to make the mother's of the world feel most special!!

 1. These Mattie Luxe Custom Trays & Placemats are so cute! You can put "Mom", her initials, or something sentimental customized on everything they have. The trays are a beautiful, creative gift that is a thoughtful decor addition to her coffee table or bathroom and will always remind her how much you care and love her. Find it HERE

2. I've Always Wanted to Tell You Book. This gift is super thoughtful and shows you put time and love into your gift which Mom's always appreciate! This book is filled with inspirational quotes, beautiful illustrations, and fifty prompts to record your fondest childhood memories. It's finished with a ribbon marker to create a beautiful timeless keepsake. Find it HERE

3. I love this chic and classy Tory Burch print scarf. I always like to get things my Mom wouldn't buy for herself so a really nice quality accessory is perfect! Find it HERE

4. If you can't be with your Mom on Mother's Day it is always nice to send flowers and a card or you can switch it up and do a cookie bouquet! Some of them can be cheezy but I thought this one was cute- oh and if she is super healthy or on a diet there are the fruit bouquets too! Find it HERE
 5. Dog Eared has so many cute Mother's Day necklaces with messages to really put meaning to the piece of jewelry you pick! They put into words what we sometimes can't and the necklaces are super cute so it's a win, win! They have most of them in gold and silver depending on her preference! Find it HERE

If you will be with your Mom there are always fun things to do on Mother's Day like brunch, spa days, or a concert. If you are in LA here are some great brunches to treat your Mom to!

I hope these ideas help to make Mother's Day really special this year.

xo, Brittan

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