Thursday, May 10, 2012

love: pet mother's day

It's Mother's Day this weekend and I can't help but feel like a Mother even though my daughter happens to be four legged, likes to eat my clothes/make-up/bathing suits/etc, and goes to the bathroom on the grass! All I know is it feels amazing to take care of something else besides myself and she has taught me so much. I feel like I have a glimpse into the rewards of motherhood without having to do the nine month, getting fat thing.

For other dog/cat/other animal mothers out there, you should celebrate Mother's Day too! I thought of things that would be fun to do for friends, aunts, girlfriend/wife's who are pet lovers!



1. Send your friends, aunts, girlfriend/wife's, etc. a Doggy Mother's Day card! There are e-cards and printable ones that are adorable!

 2. Do a Pet Mother's Day Brunch-Fido Factor is the "Yelp for Dogs" and can help you find a restaurant that you can bring dogs to for Mother's Day. A lunch in the park would be an awesome way to celebrate as well! Check out these other Apps for Dog Lovers!

3.Give the pet owners you love a Mother's Day gift! Here are some gift ideas below:

  • Help dogs and other animals who don't have Mother's with a Symbolic Gift in the name of a Doggy Mother you love!

  • Give the gift of DOGGY FASHION! I found some fun pieces that you could overnight (I know it's last minute)

Dog Ears Ring at Asos $26
Eleven- Paris Dog Print T-Shirt $50

In Dog We Trust Necklace Silver $48 & Gold $58
Or you can just get a pet Mom a normal gift she will love. Here is something I have my eye on, haha ;)

Hope you have a fun Mother's Day and if you need some non-pet Mother's Day ideas check out my Mother's Day Gift Guide post!

xo, Britt

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