Wednesday, May 2, 2012

love: letter to my papa

Last night my grandpa passed away and I stayed up all night remembering everything I could about him and our times together. I haven't experienced death very much in my life so far and my Grandpa was so influential and so close to me so this is not easy. The only way I know how to deal with this, process everything and express myself started with a letter to him (below).

This blog has been so awesome for April and I to feel like we are inspiring others and also as a way to express ourselves and I feel really comfortable sharing this with you all. My hope is if you have ever lost a loved one or do in the future this may help you to honor them by harnessing their strengths and things you loved about them so much into your actions and who you are so they live on through you.

{This is at my college graduation in Chico!}

{This was a few months ago at my Grandpa's 90th (29th) B-Day in Canada with my brother Geoff!}

My grandpa touched so many people's lives and was an inspiration to so many. It reminds me to never take a day for granted and to always be working at making a difference in the world and the lives of the people I love.

xo, Brittan


  1. Britty this is precious! I love you so much, you are so special and I'm sure your grandpa is looking down on your thanking you for everything you did for him, insprired him and brought joy to his life. You are such a loving person and I admire you for that. Thanks for sharing this. I love youuuuuuuuu!!! XXOX Ang

  2. What a great tribute, Brittany.
    There is no greater life lived than that which touches and inspires another, and it sounds like your Papa will continue to live, shine and inspire through you and your wonderful spirit!
    All the best


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