Friday, May 4, 2012

fashion: friday guy day style

Time for the guys to shine again and this time we are talking about work wear! I am all about dressing to EXPRESS not impress, but if you can do both then why not?

So we have two types of Guys at the office:

1. The Suits - This is for the lawyers, finance, sales guys, agents and all the guys that wear suits every day! If this is you it is all about having a tailored suit that fits you correctly and wearing patterns and a variety of colors. #1 TIP FOR THE SUITS: GET A TAILOR IF YOU DON'T HAVE ONE!! :)

2. The Casual Cats - This is for the internet CEO's, ad agency guys, writers/producers/directors, and all the guys that have the more creative laid back offices. If you don't wear a suit it's no excuse to look sloppy and it is so important to wear nice dark jeans or slacks and to always look polished.

Even if you are successful and making millions you need to look the part (if for nothing else, for the ladies) and if your not quite there yet you have to fake it till you make it. When you look good you FEEL GOOD, and feeling good gives and when you give you get (sorry I got a little excited there but you get it)!! 

Here are some accessories that will add to your look for both groups of guys:
Untitled #7
Clockwise from Left to Right:
Hill-Side Ocean Print Tie: $76
Hill-Side Chambray Tie: $95
Gucci Portfolio: $1,490
Rolex Black Coated Submariner : $11,475
Ecco Chukka Boot : $195

Suit Cheat Sheet from GQ for THE SUITS:
• A suit's gotta fit right or it isn't worth wearing.
• In order to make sure that it does fit right, find yourself a good tailor.
• You'll never go wrong wearing at two-button suit with a fairly narrow lapel. It's both classic and
   completely modern.
• Flat-front, relatively trim pants; very little break at the ankle.
• You should be able to easily cup your hands beneath the hem of the jacket; if you can't, it's too long.
• Show some cuff. It's the mark of a (well-dressed) gentleman.
• Dress with the season—cotton suits in summer; tweeds, flannels, and corduroys in winter.
• If you're going to wear a patterned suit, keep the patterns subtle. You want a smart suit, not a kooky
• If you ever can afford to get a bespoke suit, get one made. It's worth every penny.

Read More: HERE 

Shirt Cheat Sheet from GQ for THE CASUAL CATS:
• Know what size shirt you wear. Get measured.
• Always buy a fitted dress shirt—even if you're not model skinny.
• When in doubt, go with a semispread collar. It works with everything.
• Unbutton and unpress your oxford—it's cooler that way.
• Inject some personality into your workwear—try a plaid or gingham dress shirt. And pair either one
   with a dark tie.
• Be a man: Wear a pink dress shirt to the office.
• Get some attitude: Unbutton your shirt cuffs.
• Don't settle for a limp collar. Use stays.
• Learn to wash and iron your own shirts. You'll save cash and ensure quality care.

Read More: HERE

I hope this inspires some amazing power business men outfits out there!

xo, Brittan

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