Wednesday, May 23, 2012

trend report: pastel mania

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We are reporting live from PASTEL LAND and if you are not on the pastel train is a great one to hop on for summer! Pastels are fabulous because it gives the excitement and boldness of color without SCREAMING in your face like a neon does (even though we love neons and screaming, there's a time and a place for everything :) )

3 tips on how to wear pastels:
1. Accessories are always a great tool for experimenting with new colors or styles. Usher pastels into your wardrobe with a clutch or shoulder bag, some pretty shoes, bracelets, or even an iphone cover
2. Mix brighter colors or whites or blacks in with the pastels so that you don't look too "sweet" and you have some interesting contrast
3. If soft and feminine pastels are making you feel like your back in middle school at a tea party try some bolder pastels like a more lemon yellow or a lighter type tangerine like my blazer below mixed with lighter pastel shorts or a skirt

{Sunglasses:Persol, Scarf: Nordstroms, Jacket:Bluette}
{Shorts: H&M}
{Bracelets: Forever 21, Communion by Joy, Ring: Han Cholo}

Here are some celebs that wore it best:

I went a little KOO KOO for pastels so here are 5 ways to  "PASTEL YOUR LIFE"

Untitled #10
{Love Ginger + Liz- amazing colors and it is vegan friendly and non-toxic}

Untitled #10

Untitled #10

Untitled #10

And a DON'T for you....

Untitled #10
{If you want to have some color in your hair don't permanently die it all, but consider these clip in color extensions that are fun for certain events}

Check out items we really like in our LYST collection PASTEL MANIA and a little sneak peak below:

  • Eastex Pastel Purple Satin Trim Waist Detail Jacket
  • Linea Feather Flower Clip
  • Mango Pleated Dress
  • J Brand Turquoise Pastel Jeans 
  • xo, Brittan 


  1. This is perfect advice and examples. That's the best way you can deliver information... You ladies have it down!

  2. Cute blog!


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