Friday, June 22, 2012

eat: healthy snacks

Now that summer is in full swing and bikinis and little outfits are on a regular rotation, staying fit is one of our top priorities! We like to maintain a healthy low-calorie diet for the most part (Thursday afternoon cupcakes don't count) and that includes the snacks we eat. Snacking tends to get a bad wrap, but it's important to eat little healthy snacks throughout the day to keep your metabolism up and prevent you from over-eating during meal times.

Here are some awesome healthy snack ideas that we recommend mixing into your everyday diet!


{Cilantro Spice Yogurt Dip with Veggies and Whole Wheat Pita}

{Apple Slices with Sharp Cheddar Cheese}
{RF Triscuits with Low-Fat Cottage Cheese - ro RF Pringles is my fav!}



xo, April & Brittan

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