Thursday, June 7, 2012

give: father's day gift guide

{What Dad's/guys really want for Breakfast}

Father's Day is June 17th - have you thought of something to get your Dad yet? Most people stick to the traditional tie, BBQ accessorie or golf balls - but I like to be a little more creative! Get your Dad, Grandpa, Step-Dad, or Father-in-law something he wouldn't buy himself but would love to have!

Here is my Father's Day gift guide with featuring something unique for every budget.

1. Wusthof Santoku Knife: Wusthof is the creme de le creme when it comes to cutlery and this Santoku Knife is on another level! I'm yet to meet a man who has used this knife who has not fallen in love. My Dad now owns 2 sets of Wustohof knives - including this gem. $73

2. Bushnell Laser Range Finder: For the avid golfer this is a perfect gift! It's a luxury most golfers don't invest in but would LOVE to have. Your Dad will be the envy of this golf group when he busts this out to clock the exact distance of the hole. This particular one is a great quality and reasonably priced. $250

3. Baseball Tickets: You can usually get good deals on, or even Craigslist. I'm sure there is nothing your Dad would like more then to watch his favorite team with his favorite child! $50-$150

4. Bucky Balls: These things are highly addictive and fun to play with! It's a great desk toy for the exectuive Dad. I'd pair this with a framed photo of you and your Pops - you can even get a picture of you two when you were young so he can reminisce about the good ol' days!! $30

5. iPod/iPhone Dock: Whether he's doing yard work, lounging by the pool, or making breakfast a dock is a great tech accessory to have. Some of these little speakers can put out some serious sound which is cool for the techy Dads! Here is a list of the best iPod Docks for your money on CNET. $80-$300

6. Homemade Gifts: Sometimes something homemade from the heart is the best gift! I'm sure your Dad still has his mod podged pen holder on his desk - why not keep the tradition going? Make him breakfast in bed, mow the lawn for him, organize his tool box - or better yet the garage! Show him how much you appreciate all the things he does for you by doing them back for a day! My family is big on homemade cards - you can see my Card DIY here from Mother's Day! Free

Hope these gift ideas got the ideas flowing!

xo, April 

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  1. These are great ideas for Father’s Day gifts! It’s good to get something that goes along with their hobbies, too. My dad loves camping, so I wanted to get him something that he would use while he’s using the RV. I bought him a Tailgater from Dish, and not only does he use it for camping, but also barbeques and tailgating parties. Last week, my dad had a barbeque and he was using his Tailgater and HDTV to show the Rockies game in HD. The minute that I got off of work at Dish, I headed over there and had a blast. I am still thinking about what I want to get him for this Father’s Day… I may take him on a trip or something that he will enjoy.


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