Wednesday, June 6, 2012

inspiration: new years resolution check in

I have always loved the quote that says "when you reach for the moon you land among the stars" because it proves as long as you try and make goals you will be further along than if you didn't! Now that it is JUNE and we are half way through the year it's a great time to do a self "check up!" I like to evaluate my goals and see how close I am to accomplishing them to keep me on track around this time. Life moves fast, so if you don't stop to evaluate yourself, sometimes time passes and you can forget the things that you really want to make happen.

Here are some tips for goals that you have probably heard before but are good reminders:
1. Write them down- it's proven to make them more real and more likely you will remember
2. If you don't know what your goals are write down your unique talents and your desires and that should start you on a path to set some amazing goals
3. Focus in on one or two goals at a time so your energy isn't too fragmented to make it happen

Here are some motivational quotes to pump you up to accomplish all of those big dreams!

Hope this inspires you to reach for the moon!

xo, Brittan

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