Sunday, June 24, 2012

monday blues: june bloom

{Friday night in Santa Monica at Brick and Mortar. Alanna, Britt's cousin (far right} is visiting!}

Happy Monday Fashionistas! LA seems to have skipped it's annual wave of June gloom this year and instead June is blooming! We enjoyed beautiful weather and great memories with friends this weekend! We have so much to be thankful for! Here are some fun pictures that are rocking our world this week below...

{We spotted Miley Cyrus on Sat and were crushing her high bun, stripes, and detailed shorts! Love her! We didn't know Britt's cous had Houdini paparazzi skills! Watch out!}
{Love this gold beauty from Lomography! Strike a pose!}

{Found this little guy running around pinterest and want to squeeze him}

{Awesome DIY idea to liven up a lamp}
    {Love this! So important to trust in yourself and that everything happens for a reason. NO WORRIES}

Have a great day starting your week off with a bang! 

xo, Brittan & April


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