Thursday, July 5, 2012

diy: geo stone magnets

Geo Stones

I came across these colorful geo stones at the Melrose Trading Post and I thought that they would look lovely as refrigerator magnets - not to mention, a lot more "luxe" then the magnet your dentist sent you and a Save the Date from one of your girlfriends. This would make an awesome gift and they are super easy to make! 

Here's my step by step:

Supplies: light weight stones with a flat surface, magnets with adhesive, wire

If you don't have wire cutters you can use nail clippers!

Use the wire to wrap a few of the stones - the more chaotic the wrap, the better! Tuck the ends underneath the wire in the back to secure it in place.

Remove the adhesive tape and stick magnets to the stones. These magnets were not as strong as I would have liked so next time I'll use the heavy duty magnets and hot glue them on.

Ta dah! That's all there is to it and look how cute they are! 

xo, April 


  1. Such a cute idea! Love how it looks!

    The Urban Umbrella


  2. Thanks!! They are so easy to make too!

  3. Such a great DIY, I love this. Will definitely be adding this to the list of things to try, would make gorgeous gifts as well!
    xo K


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