Thursday, July 19, 2012

diy: skull cut-out shirt

DIY Skull Cut-Out Shirt

Hello everyone! My name is Raelynn, I am April's little sister and I'm extremely excited to be a guest blogger on Evoke today! Yesterday I was walking down Hollywood Blvd wearing my skull cut-out shirt and I received so many compliments and a lot of people asked me where I got it, so I thought I would share how I made this rocker-chic skull shirt. It's edgy, sexy and very simple to make. It's a fun way to turn a plain boring tee into a sexy rocker conversational piece! Instructions below...

Plain black T-shirt from Forever21: $6.80

Making this shirt is really simple, all it took was a pair of scissors, a white crayon and a steady hand.

 Once you decide on the placement of your cut-out it is helpful to sketch it onto your shirt to help you get the design you are going for. I chose to have the skull cut-out on the back of my plain T-shirt so that I could have the open back effect. You could put the cut-out on the front and wear a cute tank underneath to spice it up!

Cutting out the shirt is the toughest part, you really want to try and be as precise as you can. I put a cardboard bumper in the shirt to avoid accidentally cutting the front of the shirt.

After a few minutes of patient cutting and you've got yourself a sexy skull cut-out rocker top!

You can experiment with different designs for the cut-out, like this cute one here. Follow me on Instagram @raerae_all_day.

xo, Raelynn 


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