Tuesday, July 10, 2012

fashion: sticky situation

I love all of the light fabrics and fun cuts in summer dresses and can never pass up a cute one when I find it. When I first saw this dress I loved it but wasn't sure what I was going to do for a bra with a cut out back AND sheer fabric. Enter: sticky boobs, or at least that's what I call them. You can find the below adhesive bra at Target for $16.99 and it is the PERFECT solution for all the wonderful backless shirts and dresses you want to wear. The bra adheres gently to your skin while still providing, ahem, support or in my case...coverage :) Even better, all you do is throw them in the wash and the sticky comes back! Hooray for sticky boobs! 

{Dress: Lulu's, Bracelet: Emily Elizabeth, Shoes and Necklace: Forever21}

{Ring and Handcandy: Communion}

Please touch! ;)

xo, April 


  1. Wow great find, I may need to invest in these...
    You both look gorgeous btw, lovely dresses!

    The Urban Umbrella



  2. Thank you for visiting my blog :)
    love your dress! so flawy- comfy- stylish!
    i just bought those kind too and was worrying about the bra lol I should get that one haha

    Pinkbow Icecream

  3. Such a gorgeous dress, it looks fantastic on you! Thanks for visiting, look forward to checking in :)
    xo K

  4. Thanks for checking out our post ladies! Sticky boobs will save your life - definitely worth buying!!

  5. OMG I love your dresses !!!! T


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