Friday, July 27, 2012

friday guy day: 5 manly abilities to have

In this modern world, there are plenty of things that use to be stereotyped as "man jobs" that women are not only handling but mastering. We are all for being able to do things for yourself, but there are certain tasks that make our hearts swoon when our men can do them with suave expertise. Here's our top 5 list of favorite manly man capabilities. 

1. Grilling: We love a man who can cook a good steak (char rare please) – or in Britt's case some Salmon. Either way, knowing your way around a grill is HOT! We'll cook the rest :)

2. Tech Savvy: We're talking hooking up printers, downloading apps and setting the time on the DVD player…things we could probably figure out on our own but REALLY would rather you do it. 

3. Car Mechanics: Tires, Oil – the basics. My Dad showed me how to check my own oil and what not but do you know how hard grease is to get off your hands? Doesn't go well with our arm bling!

4. Dancing: Being able to whirl your girl around the dance floor is sure to have her swooning. A strong lead can make any girl look good on the dance floor and who doesn't want that?!

5. Negotiating: Whether it's getting a great table, helping us negotiate our new employee contract or get the best deal with Time Warner - we love a guy who has a way with words and can intelligently give us some sound advice. Just don't negotiate with us - that's not so charming. 

What do you think? Keep in mind, all girls are different and we don't need you to be perfect all the time - but when the occasion arises these are great things to know! Are there any others I left off?

xo, April

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  1. I need to show my boyfriend this, he is going to think he is the ultimate guy now! He dances, grills, is super techy, is great at negotiating!

    xoxo Bree

    The Urban Umbrella

    1. He sounds perfect! Does he have brothers? Haha!


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