Wednesday, August 8, 2012

health: time savers for a lovely life

Slow Down

Life gets so busy sometimes which makes it so important to make sure you stay close with the most important things like your health, happiness, service to humanity...and world peace of course ;) 

To make sure my time is not taken up by "time wasters" (looking for things, unnecessary driving, food preparation, unproductive activities) lately I find myself coming up with "time savers" (organization, pre-preparation, planning, and scheduling) to keep things running more smoothly.

This doesn't mean you have to run your life like a boot camp or be like a super woman/stepford wife, to me it is just about less chaos and more time for opportunity and the important things! Here are the top five ways I save time!

1. Pack Your Vitamins- Get a cute pill box and put your vitamins for the week in it so you can quickly take your vitamins every morning really easy! Here's a cute one below you can get for under $20.
{Vitamins I take regularly to be at my best!}
{Keep this in your kitchen or purse and put your vitamins in there every Sunday for the week. Find it here.}

2. Pre-Prepare Your Breakfast- I have put up my smoothie and Acai Bowl  recipes but sometimes it is time consuming to get everything out and prepare it! To avoid this I put all of the ingredients (except for the liquid) into ziploc bags on Sunday for the week so I can just pop it in the blender, add liquid and go!
{So easy and saves so much time in the am}

3. Be Ready for Any Occasion- I got this card holder at Costco and I have just kept adding to it so I always have a Birthday Card, Get Well Card, etc. on hand. This is great to make sure you are always prepared for a last minute occasion. I also keep Jonathan Adler Wine Stoppers that come in a beautiful box (they will gift wrap it for you and they are $18-$24) and bottles of wine in case I don't have a gift and need one last minute. This helps so you don't have to decide between showing up empty handed or late!
{I pick up new cards all the time and add them in here}

4. Get a Key Holder and/or Place for Things you often Loose- I got a key holder by my door to put my keys on so I always know where they are and can quickly grab them before I leave! It is typically also holding my purse and Iris's leash, as well as all my keys and has become more of a coat rack but it has saved me so much time! Here are some cute ones below I found  here on etsy!
 {This is holding jewelry but you could totally put keys on here and I thought the vase was cute decor}
 {I love keys as decoration and this is perfect to hold them}
{A picture frame with hooks is easy to make and so cute!}

5. Plan out "YOU TIME"- You won't be focused, creative, and lovely to be around if you don't take time for yourself, so scheduling time for yourself is a huge time saver! I am now taking at least 3 minutes in the morning to breathe and meditate so I have a clear mind starting my day. I have also started writing out my gym schedule in my calendar each Sunday for the week so I figure out what days and times I can do a class at the gym, a hike with friends, and what days it doesn't fit in!
{Meditating can be just breathing before you get out of bed but just 3 minutes can make the rest of your day so much better and I get my best ideas when I just chill out and breath}

I am also working towards planning out my outfits for the whole week on Sundays, planning and making lunches the night before, and packing my gym bag in advance and having it in my car but I'm taking baby steps because your talking to the girl who had laundry piled up for months in college and has dis-organization in my DNA! I hope this helps to give you some ideas to SAVE TIME in ways that work and make sense for you!

xo, Brittan


  1. Thanks for sharing!!! Now I will go organic haha!!! xxx

  2. thanks for sharing all those ideas, might try the preparing the breakfast before hand.

    p.s. now following your blog :)




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