Friday, August 24, 2012

travel: costa rica - colin kim yoga retreat

{View from our pool}

{On the charter plane about to go into Dominical for our adventure to begin}

A few weeks ago I went to Costa Rica with an amazing group of girls and my favorite yoga teacher on the planet, Colin Kim, on a Kundalini yoga retreat! It was a completely unexplainable spiritual journey for me and I had an incredible time. With waking up one morning at 4am for yoga, one day of 9 hours of yoga, a 24 hour silent period, and trips to beach towns, zip lining, and waterfalls it was a week to remember. We disconnected from our phones and the Internet and connected to ourselves and nature, which is hard to do living in LA, so it was such a nice break! Colin has many valuable quotes and lessons to teach and one my favorite quotes he says is, "We are not here to prove ourselves, we are here to improve," which was definitely a concept that defined the week and has stuck with me!

{On the boat a photo taken by Grace Acker, an amazing photographer}

{Mangrove Forest was Majestic}

{A picture of me taking a picture!}

{Our pool deck outside of the villas we stayed at}

{Beach in Dominical} 

{Swimsuit model shoot produced by Colin haha! :)}

{Monkey See Monkey Do} 


{Gorgeous Sunset}

{Colin and the group on one of the Stone Spheres}

{Where we had all of our meals! Pilar and Tim were the best hosts and the table always looked gorgeous}

{Thumbs up- about to go zip lining!}

{ZIP LINING through the jungle}

{Colin and I on the last day}

{Vanessa, Me, Grace, and Megan - the four of us shared a villa}

{Colin getting ready for one of our evening yoga sessions}

{Outside by the pools}
{Me and my little dog friend}

{Yoga Time at Coconut Grove's yoga platform}

{Cool quotes one of the vendors had at her table selling jewelry}

Colin teaches yoga and spin classes at Crunch in West Hollywood and Spin at Up Dog Fitness and will transform your life if your ready for it :)

Hope you enjoyed the photos and if you get a chance to visit Costa Rica is really shows you what it means to live "Pura Vida" (The Simple Life)!

xo, Brittan


  1. Oh wow, i've ALWAYS wanted to go to Costa Rica! Looks amazing!!!! You girls are stunning! Thank you SO MUCH for following, i'm returning the love! Keep in touch! xoxo

  2. Wowww what an amazing way to experience Costa Rica - such a peaceful, relaxed travel experience. Love it. I always have wanted to get into yoga but I am so terribly unflexable that I've had a hard time staying commited, it seems so beautiful though.
    Costa Rica looks absolutley incredible, can't even believe the beauty in all your photos!

    xoxo Bree
    The Urban Umbrella

  3. Looks like an incredible trip--I've been dying to go to Costa Rica! Also, zip lining is on my 25 before 25 list--I have to get on that! Happy weekend xo

    The Glossy Life

  4. Sounds like an absolutely amazing trip! Glad to hear you had such a lovely time. That last picture is fabulous! Happy weekend!


  5. gorgeous pics <3 soo glad you guys had fun!

    Alexa <3


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