Friday, October 12, 2012

eat: halloween monster cupcakes

We love baking and in the spirit of Halloween we made some super scary monster cupcakes after the gym this week :) These are so easy to make and are such a fun thing to take to a Halloween party, bring into work, or make for your own Halloween party! All you need is to get a bunch of candy (which you can use later for holiday cookies/other desserts), scissors, food coloring, coconut, and then the normal cupcake ingredients and utensils (cupcake tins and dollies). We got inspiration and the recipe from Martha Stewart and then we let our inner child (you thought we were going to say goddess, didn't you?) use it's creativity to make them our own spooky creations!

{Britt made her face into a cupcake monster}

{Totally normal}

 {After you are done, display them on a fall themed tray and they are ready to be served}


 {Oscar the Grouch}

{Pumpkin Peeps}

We hope you like our cupcakes and have fun making your own!

xo, Brittan & April


  1. Looks amazing!! Also, love the pics of you as monsters!
    Please check out my blog too at Miss Tangerine :)

  2. Too cute! What a fun thing to do with friends! Love this idea :)

  3. Haha these are awesome ladies! Especially the one of Brit being... Brit. :) Oscar the Grouch is my fave!

  4. Those cupcakes are AMAZING!

  5. How cute are these?! So adorable and perfect for Halloween!

    The Glossy Life


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