Thursday, October 18, 2012

holiday: halloween costume ideas for guys

{Zac Efron's Reno 911 is an easy costume that is funny and will show off those thighs you have been working out at the gym :)}

It's Friday Guy Day again and I wanted to help all the guys out there prepare properly to look great for October's Halloween events that will be starting soon. Since it's getting closer to Halloween and I know most of you have only started to flirt with thoughts of costume ideas, this inspiration should help! My understanding is that men like things that are easy (am I right?) and so I thought I would do the ground work for you and come up with some fun ideas that can be put together easily with a trip to your closet or a quick run to the costume or thrift store! 

{American Physco can be done with an old suit, some blood paint splattered, and more hair wax than normal}

{Who doesn't like the street sweeper from Mary Poppins and what's better than being able to sing Chim-Chimney all night know you want to}

{It's Dwight! Office Space characters are always an easy win}

{Here is a step by step Mummy Costume Guide for you}

{Harry Potter is a sure fire costume to make some magic happen and all you need is glasses, scarf, tie, and a lightning bolt on your forehead and you are ready to go}

Then if you want to get political on us, since it is a buzz topic right now, here are some ways to have some interesting conversation starters...and if you want something really simple you can always pick up a Obama or Romney mask. Just no debates at the bar ;)

{Huffington Post says (and I would make this your line of the night), "Remember, The Fate of the Nation lies with me."}

{If you are looking to get crafty this is perfect for the college guys - a beer box trojan warrior. Done.}

Trojan Warriors
{And if you want to show some skin, you can make yourself a real trojan warrior}

{If you want real easy, just throw on your favorite Jersey and some war paint (is that what it's called under the eyes?) and you are good to go}

Lastly, check out how cute these little kid costumes are if you have a little one:

I hope this helps ease your mind from doing too much costume thinking and I hope you all have fun attending a Halloween event or two this year. You're never to old to have a good time and dress up, so enjoy the spirit of the holidays! For the ladies and some amazing couples costumes, check out April's Halloween costume ideas here.

xo, Brittan

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