Tuesday, October 23, 2012

health: japans best kept secret

Growing up with a strong English influence, with my Mom being from Canada and spending a lot of time there, I grew up with tea time as a regularity and have always loved it! Since starting yoga teacher training and heavily focusing on having a healthy body, mind and soul, I find myself back to my English roots drinking lots of tea lately! One of my favorite teas is Matcha Tea which April introduced on Evoke in our 3 New Health Trends to Try. I am slightly obsessed so I wanted to give you guys a little more info. about why Matcha is so great, which brand I recommend, and where to find the tools you need to incorporate it into your everyday routine!

{Tea I made this weekend in my fav cup I got in Puerto Vallarta and a Yogi Tea bag quote}

A little fun fact for you - as of 2012 Japan is ranked #3 for life expectancy at an average age of 83.91 and the US is #51 at an average age of 78.49! Japan is definitely a country to look to when it comes to nutrition (among other things) and so it is no surprise that Japan is also the home of Matcha Green Tea. This is the most nutrient-rich tea and it is not only easy to make, but has some astounding benefits! It comes in powder form so it is great to have at work and on the go and the benefits are much higher than other green tea! People are using Matcha not only for tea but also in smoothies, juices, cocktails, and even desserts - I found some more amazing recipes here.

Here are some things I was wondering and the answers I found:

1. What brand is the best? There are a lot of different brands but I have discovered that Royal Matcha Green Tea is a high quality brand that is organic and comes highly recommended!

2. What do you need to make it? You just need a wisk to stir it up - there are some fancy electronic ones that you can find or you can just use a normal wisk which work fine too. I found a cool little set here for just over $11 with a scoop and wisk that is perfect!

Here are some more details from Sheknows.com:

What is Matcha Tea?
Referred to by some as "green tea on steroids," matcha is a powdered green tea from Japan that delivers even more health benefits than brewed tea. "When you [consume matcha], you ingest one hundred percent of the nutritional benefit of the entire leaf, not the just brew as with loose leaf tea," explains Matcha Source founder Alissa White.To make matcha, farmers steam and air dry the green tea leaves after harvesting. The leaves are sorted for grade, destemmed and deveined. "At this stage, the leaves become tencha, the precursor to matcha. The tencha is then ground and becomes matcha," says White. "Matcha Source tea grade matcha is ground on a stone mill to achieve a fine powder texture, unlike industrial grade matcha which is ground by machines." The stone mill grinding process improves the characteristic taste and mouth feel of matcha.

Nutritional Components of Matcha?
According to White, matcha has been linked to longevity, prevention of cancer and other disease, detoxification, and mood enhancement. "It has also been recognized as having a beneficial impact on blood sugar regulation, cholesterol control and heart health support," the Matcha Source founder explains. "These benefits are derived from antioxidants (specifically EGCg), amino acids (specifically L-theanine), chlorophyll and vitamins A, C and E."
Matcha powder is superior in nutrition compared to brewed tea because some green tea nutrients stay locked in the leaf, which is removed from brewed tea once it has steeped.

Health Benefits of Matcha?
Research shows that matcha increases metabolism, fights cancer, delays premature aging, and relaxes the mind.

"There is no trouble so great or grave that cannot be much diminished by a nice cup of tea."  ~Bernard-Paul Heroux

Have you tried Matcha Tea or a recipe with Matcha Tea in it? 

xo, Brittan


  1. I've never hear of Matcha Tea...I'll have to try it out!

    The Glossy Life

  2. I'll have to try Matcha Tea. Sounds fabulous. If you get a sec, I'm having a jewelry giveaway for my Fash collection. I'd love if you'd enter and check out my latest style column for Lauren Conrad's site. Thanks, love. xo



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