Wednesday, October 3, 2012

love: flower power

{Perfect and easy DIY center piece or decoration for Fall}

{Wholesale Flower Market in West Hollywood}

I absolutely love flowers and have a goal to create a beautiful flower garden very soon. I know it can sometimes seem cliche for women to love flowers but I think they are such a beautiful way to light up a room or make someone's day as a gift! There is a Wholesale Flower Market by my place, so I go every few weeks and get flowers to fill my vases - it's such a simple thing to do but something about it makes me happy. At the market you can pick out which flowers you want and they will make a bouquet for you or you can say a price and they will put one together based on how much they cost! If you're not in West Hollywood, there are so many farmers markets that have amazing arrangements that you can find affordably or you can always pick a flower or two from a garden! Next time you get the chance, pick up flowers for your home, make flower holiday decorations, wear a flower in your hair, give flowers to your friend, parents, or co-workers and it will really brighten your day. Flowers are a simple way to show your appreciation of others and a fun way to circulate giving and recieving in our everyday lives.

Here are more pictures of the market:

{I got the purple hydrangeas which are so pretty}

Here are some more beautiful ways to display them:

{Put a few flowers in an antique pitcher - these are so easy to find at any flee market}

{Put flowers in mason jars or old jam jars}

{I thought this quote was cute but think all flowers are thoughtful :)}

xo, Brittan

Pictures 1, 2, 3, 4


  1. i just absolutely love flowers! great post :)

  2. Wow.. I love flowers. And the pictures are amazing. Perfect inspiration. Great.


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