Monday, October 22, 2012

monday blues: feeling fall

{We love how dramatic LDR is, obsessed with her new song Ride}

This past weekend really felt like Fall and we are looking forward to all of the Halloween festivities that are coming up! April went home to Sacramento this weekend and spent time with her family and got together with our college friends for an engagement party. Britt went to dinners, a jazz concert, did yoga and rested up! As fall is finally here, our theme this week is to put extra focus on taking care of ourselves by eating healthy, exercising, meditating, and being thankful and kind. We want to prepare ourselves to be healthy and happy going into the extra stress and activity around the holidays so we can react with grace, so that is our thought of the week for ya! We love all of our readers and are so thankful for you!

{Britt's Chi Tea Latte from Urth Cafe}

{April went on a bike ride along Folsom lake with her BF and sisters}

{Alpha Phi reunion at our friend Angela's engagement party on Saturday night}

{Love this quote...LOL}

{Iris got sleepy in her Giants collar riding around with Britt doing errands}

xo, Brittan & April

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