Tuesday, November 13, 2012

love: giving thanks

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I wanted to share some ideas on how to show your gratitude to your loved ones and count every blessing you have. One of the best things about the holidays is that it compels you to think of others, get together with friends and visit your family. It's easy to get wrapped up in the chaos of shopping for gifts, preparing recipes for get-togethers and of course finding the perfect party dress! Don't let the season get the most of you, remember what it's really all about and celebrate the wonderful people in your life! 
1. Write a letter to the people you are thankful for: I have to admit that the people on Facebook who do the daily posts about what they are thankful for in November drive me nuts! I think the sentiment is sweet, but make it more meaningful and send PERSONAL letters to the people you appreciate. It's also a great excuse to buy darling stationary, like the above notes from Sugar Paper.

2. Make a Thanksgiving blessing board: The DIY for this adorable blessing board is found here. Display your blessings for everyone to see, this would be a fun thing to do with your family as well!

3. Help someone in need: With the majority of our East Coast in crisis, a great way to help people in need is to donate to American Red Cross, or the Food Bank For NYC, or you can even donate by text! Make a $10 donation by texting REDCROSS to 90999. Those who would like to give more can donate up to $50 via text. This will show up on your phone bill or be automatically deducted from your prepaid plan. If you want to cancel the donation, text STOP to 90999.

4. Appreciate what you have: Make a point to go over the things you have that you are grateful for. I try and do this when I'm having a bad day and feel like the world is against me - once I remember how many blessings I have I always feel better!

5. Share the love: Package up your leftovers and donate them to a shelter. I love the above packaging for food donations. Another great way to help is to donate canned goods and food to your local food banks.

Happy holidays! Give thanks!

xo, April

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  1. I plan on writing "thank you" cards to people this Thanksgiving!

    The Glossy Life

  2. That poster is great! It's really tough to slow down and really give thanks to those most important to us (I'm with you on the Facebook posts). This is a fantastic list :)

    Strive to Thrive,

  3. that is such an amazing post, sometimes we really take a lot for granted:)
    xx Kate

    The Style Department

  4. This is such a cute idea for a post, with great ideas for others! Love the first picture!
    xo Dina
    Sweetest Somethings 


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