Tuesday, December 4, 2012

discover: hot air ballooning

{Balancing a balloon on my finger}

Last year for Christmas, which is also my moms birthday, I got her a voucher from Groupon for a balloon ride in Temecula (where I grew up), and so we ended up booking it and going on Thanksgiving this year! I love giving experiences for gifts and with all of the daily deal sites out there, you can find some fun things to give to people. It's even more fun when you can experience your gift with the person! If you want to book a balloon ride for someone this Christmas check out Sunrise Balloons. Temecula is known for balloons and wine so it is a great weekend getaway to go wine tasting and check out a balloon ride. If you go I recommend staying at South Coast Winery

My mom is such an amazing, positive woman and I am so thankful for her. I was so happy we got to share such a fun day together. It was great to have Jeff, my step dad, drop us off in the morning, and then Justin, my grandma, and Jeff picked us up and we had an awesome brunch at South Coast Winery! A day to remember :) 

{Getting ready...we weren't scared}
{Blowing a kiss of fire}
{My mom throwing a fire ball}
{Met some awesome girls from Manhattan Beach}
{Getting ready to be in the air}
 {Whooo Hoooooo and we're up, up, and away}
{And we have some balloon friends joining us in the sky-such amazing views}
{There we are}

{Champagne and snacks- breakfast of champions}

{We survived!!!}

Hope you enjoy and get a ballon ride or another fun experience for someone you love for Christmas this year!!!

xo, Brittan


  1. Love your amazing pictures. Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful life with us.



  2. How fun!! I love giving experiences as gifts too, memories tend to last a lot longer :) These are some great pics Britty!

    Strive to Thrive,


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