Wednesday, December 26, 2012

get well wednesday: vulnerability

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas with your families and friends. I hope you are enjoying my wellness series! Since I have gone over meditation and eating habits we are ready to take this to the next level and get into some deeper ways to take care of yourself and to achieve optimal wellness! I am excited to discuss vulnerability which comes along with getting rid of things that numb emotions and feelings for this post.

Here are some tips that will help you go into the new year happy and healthy!! Obvi I'm not a doctor but unless you have some injury or medical condition this is what I recommend.

1. Say No to Pills: Cut out (or start by cutting down) anything that is numbing pain, ie prescription drugs.

2. Go Al Naturale: Take natural supplements/herbs if there are specific things you need help with.

3. Have Intentions: Pay attention to your intention when having a drink or doing anything and if you feel like you're using it instead of feeling an emotion opt for the gym or something else.

4. Cut out Distractions: If you are always on your phone, online, watching TV, or reading something you are most likely not wanting to deal with real life and you are filling your time with distractions. Start to replace some of these disctractions with being out in nature, going on a hike or doing something where you are present!

If you aren't going through feeling real raw emotions good or bad then you are not letting yourself live in the moment and it causes more problems then the ones you are taking the medication for. If you are trying to numb feeling something challenging, then you will also numb the good things that you want to feel because you can't choose what you numb and cover up and then you can't enjoy all the amazing things life has to offer!

Check out this Ted Talks video on vulnerability- I had to watch it a few times to truly understand it but it is really powerful.

Here are my notes from the video and things that stood out to me:


Courage- Tell the story of who are with your whole heart. Courage to
be imperfect.

Compassion- Be kind to yourself first and then to others.

Connection- At the result of authenticity let go of who they thought
they should be to be who they really were.

Vulnerability- Believed that what made them venerable made them
beautiful. Vulnerability is not comfortable but necessary.
Willingness to say I love you first, willingness to do something where
there are no guarantees.


xo, Brittan

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