Tuesday, December 18, 2012

love: winter travel packing tips

Packing Tips:

1. Day to Night: Bring clothes (especially dresses) that can go from day to night. If you have to be changing twice everyday that will add up to a lot of outfits. Of course, depending on the vacation you are going on you might want to bring a few special outfits for nice dinners but most of the days day to night outfits are the best!

2. Essentials: Every trip calls for a pair of skinny jeans and a sweater or something to throw over as a layer for a chilly night. Don't forget these essentials but you don't need multiples.

3. Shoe Variety: Of course you don't want to bring too many shoes because they will fill your suitcase up fast. What I do is choose my most versatile flip flop, flat, wedge, and high heal so then you will be covered. Choose the color that works best with the majority of your outfits.

4. Outfit Planning: I pack outfits that won't wrinkle in plastic bags so that I can just pop them out and put them on without thinking about what I am going to wear! Your on vacation after all! I try to bring pieces that I can re-wear and when you plan your outfits in advance you can figure out where you can re-wear.

5. Research: Do your research on the place you are going and make sure to bring what nature calls. Whether it is bug spray or a money holder you will be happy you are prepared in advance.

6. Comfort: Last but not least I always want to be comfortable on vacation so I pack the super dorky neck pillows for the plane and always bring packs of almonds and some small snacks to prevent hangry spells in between meals. Whatever you need to be most comfortable plan to bring!

Here are some vacation outfits I like from some other bloggers:

I have 8 days until we leave for Peru and could not be more excited!!

For me vacation is a time to re-group and find that little bit of peace that can carry you through tough times.

xo, Brittan

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  1. Awesome tips, Brit, especially the one about packing outfits together in bags! I hate when I get hangry on vacay!

    Strive to Thrive,


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