Thursday, January 31, 2013

diy: shabby chic furniture

shabby chic

I love antique furniture and typically the quality of the pieces are a thousand times better then anything you could find at Ikea, West Elm and Pottery Barn. My Mom found this bed frame at a thrift store and decided to update it with a shabby-chic paint job. Here is her step-by-step process on creating this look, it's pretty easy and much more affordable then buying the same type of frame from a designer. 

{Move the piece to a workspace and clean it off} 

{Make sure the crevices are clean and any large divots are sanded out}

{She used white paint - you don't want much gloss if any at all}

{Try not to make the paint coats to heavy - leave a little streak to create a "weathered" look}

{Once your paint is dry use sand paper to remove paint from the edges}

{Sand down areas that would wear overtime so that it looks antiqued and weathered}

{Be sure not to paint all the way down in the crevices on detailed pieces}

{And it's that easy!}

My Mom also made a matching picture frame to complete the look in the room. It's a fun, inexpensive and easy project!

xo, April 

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