Tuesday, January 15, 2013

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Cold Weather Essentials
{Topshop Love Sweater  / Topshop Snood / Topshop patterned socks / AX Paris printed legging / Sperry Top-Sider side zip boots / Topshop Jacket  / ASOS long opera glove}

It's been record-breaking cold in Los Angeles the past 2 weeks, leaving Angelenos baffled on what to wear and the city's soup supply dangerously low. In honor of this cold-front, I've put together some of my winter essentials to help keep your frost-bitten limbs looking stylish. 

1. Beanies: keep the heat in while being on trend - the slouchier the better! (Beanie: Topshop)
2. Knitted socks: you can still wear skirts in this weather, paired with tights, socks and boots that is! (Socks: Topshop)
3. Fun leggings: replace tights with leather or printed leggings for some added texture and warmth. (Leggings: ThreadSense) 

4. Snoods: If you get a cute faux fur snood you can also pair it with a cocktail dress for winter weddings or dinners. (Snood: ASOS)

5. Heavy jacket: make sure it's loose enough to go over a sweater and still be comfy. Opt for a fur hood for some chic extra protection. (Jacket: ASOS

6. Winter boots: These adorable Sperry Top Siders are insulated and water proof - win, win, win! 

Stay warm!!

xo, April 

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  1. Haha all I want to eat is soup! You are right that I have no idea what to wear most of the time during this awful chill. I just sit and stare at all my cute little dresses, hoping the day I can wear them will come soon. Great picks, love the socks and leggings!

    Strive to Thrive,


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