Tuesday, February 5, 2013

eat: home made trail mix

My friend Megan made this super healthy home-made trail mix for a snack during our yoga training weekend and it was so good, I had to make my own and share it!! You can really make it with whatever nuts and dried fruit that you want but the secret is in the spices!! Check out my version of Megan's Home Made Trail Mix :)

I'm not putting amounts because you can literally just throw handfuls of each in depending on how much you want to make!

Here are the ingedients I put in the batch below:

Almonds ( raw and un-salted)
Goji berries
Unsulfered apricots
Unsulfered and sweetened and dried mangos
Unsulfered and sweetened green mangos
Cayenne pepper

{Goji Berries are an amazing superfood}

{These spices are both fat burners and are so good for you. Put more cinnamon than cayenne - the cayenne is very strong so you don't need too much of it}

{VoilĂ ! Now you just have to put it in plastic bags and they are ready for an on the go snack to take to work or on the road}

xo, Brittan

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