Friday, February 8, 2013

friday guy day: a valentine's day guide

Growing up, my special Valentine every year was always my Dad. My 2 sisters and I would wake up to a box of See's and a card from our main man and it always made me feel so loved. Regardless of your Valentine's Day traditions, it's important to take a day to remind the one you love just how much they mean to you. I think we should have special days dedicated to romance throughout the year, not just on Valentine's Day but there's no time like the present to get that started! Here are some of my tips and suggestions for making this day extra special.

1. Surprise, surprise, surprise! Whether it's a single rose in the morning, breakfast in bed, a love note in her lunch or a personalized eCard in her inbox - start this day of romance off with a small unexpected surprise that will make her smile all day.

2. Send her something! Some girls say they don't like getting flowers, but being the only girl in the office who didn't get flowers sucks no matter what she says! Big embarrassing displays of affection at work are a great way to claim your territory and make her feel special in the midst of work-woes. It doesn't have to be flowers either, you can get creative and send edible arrangements, cupcakes, cookies and milk, etc. If you do opt for flowers, support your local florists rather then an online shop.

3. Dinner plans! You don't have to go out, sometimes a romantic homemade dinner (see here) is all you need. Regardless what you decide, plan ahead - she'll appreciate the effort you made no matter what the results are. If you are going out, you should already have a reservation (or start scrambling now!). Most restaurants have a special prix fix menu for the occasion.

4. Gifting! If you exchange gifts, then here are some ideas ranging from big to small on what to get your girl. If you do any 2 of the 4 ideas mentioned above then you are already a super stud and you have a very lucky lady in on your hands.

Vday gift guide

1. Lingerie - nights, bra sets, or maybe even some bedroom accessories (more here)
2. Hair accessories - has some super girly and adorable options
3. Earrings - Diamonds or crystals, can't go wrong with some new sparklers
4. Perfume - Jo Malone is a great brand and has a TON of different scents
5. Bag - every girl could use a new bag, this Rebecca Minkoff is KILLER and affordable!
6. Ring - a simple and sweet heart ring is a cute reminder that she is loved
7. Sunglasses - a nice pair of sunglasses are always a good option
8. Scrapbook - a collection of your favorite memories together, cute and creative

Some other ideas: Couples massage, show tickets, homemade card or stick with the basics and go with a Build a Bear, flowers and candy :) 

Also, don't miss my Valentine's Day itinerary here!

xo, April

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