Monday, February 11, 2013

monday blues: fearless

{Britt & Justin went to Backbeat at the Ahmanson- SO GOOD} 

Hope you all had fabulous weekends!! April went down to San Diego and went to a wedding, champagne brunched, shopped and spent some time at the beach. Britt stayed in LA and saw Backbeat, did yoga, went down to Manhattan Beach and chilled out! Our quote of the week is punch fear in the FACE! Fear comes from letting your mind believe in the nervousness your negative mind produces to keep you protected and that can lead to being over-whelmed. If you take a step back and let yourself be bored and relaxed (in whatever way works for you... deep breathing is great) when feelings of negativity and nervousness come in then you will literally PUNCH FEAR IN THE FACE. :)

xo, Brittan & April

{Quote of the week- BOOM}

{A gorgeous day at Sunset Cliffs in San Diego}

 {April's Valentine's Day manicure}
{Dan & April at a wedding on Shelter Island}

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