Monday, March 25, 2013

monday blues: spring is in the air

{Put your attention on what you are going towards!!}

We hope you all had a great weekend! Britt and April and their boyfriends went to dinner on Friday night and went out with friends on Sat. Britt and Justin ran the 5k in El Segundo for Education on Sat and Britt got 12th in her age group! We are still dealing legally with an unfortunate situation where our domain name was purchased, when it was suppossed to be on auto renew after our first year (sad). We will be posting on the blogspot domain until we are able to get it back!

Our quote of the week is about working to change and evolve by focusing on the NEW and what is ahead, vs. what you are changing and moving away from. Make a goal this week to change one thing in your life for the better - it can be small or large, but make it something you can accomplish. In honor of spring cleaning - do some personal cleaning - out with the old and in with the new! Love you all.
xo, Brittan & April

{Some wedding inspiration for Britt - loving these greens! What do you guys think?}

{Blonde hair, don't care}

{April, Jolie and Brittan at The Hudson}

{April & Dan talking a walk through a garden a enjoying the lovely LA weather}


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