Wednesday, April 3, 2013

health: work it home

Some friends have asked me about DVD's I would recommend for working out at home because the reality is that sometimes the whole getting to the gym step can be the hardest one. While I prefer to work out in a class or with a trainer, DVD's are a great alternative to not doing anything at all! It is a great way to get your work out's in on those days where things are just to HECTIC ahhh!

Here is my GYM FREE guide to getting fit and some recommendations for the best DVD's to be most successful.

1. Minimize Distractions: I suggest putting your phone on silent and in another room and telling anyone you live with that you need to be uninterrupted for a certain time period so that you can get in the zone. The hardest part about working out at home is distractions so anything you can do to make sure nothing gets in the way of your work out time will help a lot!

2. Clear a Space: Move any furniture aside so that you have room to move and do the work out to your full potential. The last thing you want is a coffee table getting in the way of your summer six pack.

3. Be Prepared: Have anything you need with you before you begin so you are not getting up and missing parts of the work out. Pretend you were leaving to the gym and get your water, towel, mat, hair tie etc. all together before you begin a work out.

Here are my top 3 DVD's to get you in shape GYM FREE:

1. Rockin Models-  I found out about Rockin Model by taking Grace's class at Equinox and it is one of my favorite work outs! It is amazingly toning and fun and I found myself forgetting about time and literally rockin out. I noticed the definition in my body really quickly and love this work out.

2. Jillian Michaels Hard Body- This one is great if you want a more boot camp style work out of squats, jump rope, and push ups. There are two workouts, one 40 min and one 50 min and it is a great hard core way to get in shape quickly.

3. Radiant Body by Kia Miller- Kia is one of our trainers for the Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training I am doing and I found this yoga DVD she has that is amazing! It is a core workout to promote vitality, weight loss and to build energy!

If you incorporate one or all of these DVD's into your weekly routine you will thank yourself again and again and you won't have to feel bad about not being able to make it out the gym

xo, Brittan

Bonus: Check out an awesome event Grace from Rockin Models put on last week we wanted to share. We love a brand that helps us get in shape, loves fashion, and gives to charity...what more could you ask for. IN LOVE.
The Love of Fashion Hosted by Rockin Models and KIN Los Angeles, benefiting The Lupus Foundation of America! The Love of Fashion Hosted by Rockin Models. Guests shopped for the cause while sipping low calorie VEEV cocktails in eco-friendly cups from Repurpose Compostables. LA's finest came out to bid in a live auction for prizes including a Rockin Models Gift Basket, A Night out in LA and a trip to Vegas for the CMA's--over $2500 raised for The Lupus Foundation of America!
{Rockin Models workout creator & celebrity trainer Grace Lazenby with Top Model Mercedes Yvette raising money for The Lupus Foundation of America at KIN Los Angeles on March 24}

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  1. Great post! For all you ladies getting married soon (or trying to shape up for a friend's wedding), check out my friend, Michelle's post on this subject where she notes a few of the things Brittan & April talked about as well :)

  2. Workout at home is really enjoyable. There is no tension, feel free & get your fitness perfect. I collect the models workout DVD, watch it & keep running the steps. I hope this would work. Thanks for sharing the post.


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